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Video:How to Use Hairspray to Make an Updo Stay

with Janelle Flat

Updo hairstyle often fall flat quickly, but with these tips for using hairspray you can create a chic updo hair style that stays in place and lasts all night. With the right products and hair styling techniques, you can style an updo made to last.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use Hairspray to Make an Updo Stay

Hi! My name is Janelle Flat here at Norris of Houston Salon and Day Spa, and today we're going to be talk about how to use hairspray to make an updo stay. What we're going to do is we're going to talk about a couple different types.

Different Hairsprays Are Used on Different Hair Textures and Styling Needs

This one is going to be a lighter hairspray, it's for somebody who has thinner hair, there would be less alcohol in this one, and this is an aerosol hairspray. This finishing spray is really good, because it's an ultra-firm hold, but it also keeps it movable, it's not going to be too shellacked.

The freezing spray is more of a spray that's going to be for bridal updo, somebody who is going to need their hair to stay in place and not have a hair out of place, but it also has the shine in it, so it's going to not give it a matte finish. Some of the hairsprays that are a little bit heavier do make the hair little bit more matte.

Transforming spray is an extreme-hold, extreme hold gives it a lot more texture, it's for very, very curly hair. You don't want to use this on anybody who has very fine hair; it will weigh their hair down and make it very sticky.

Use Bobby Pins Along With Hair Spray to Lock in the Updo Best

We're going to do half up half down on her, it's still considered an updo, but it's a half up half down updo. What do you want to do is take it from the crown of the head. Tease, spray, tease and spray. If you have very fine, fine hair and you know that your hair does not last and in an updo form, I would make sure that I would just shampoo my hair once adding no conditioner, and you can use something like a dry shampoo or a baby powder and that'll help with keeping the updo in place.

Just kind of work it around, just pin it in. For any kind of updo, you can choose any of these accessories, whether it would be a Bobby pin or hair pin or even a brooch, doing the same thing on the other side, pin it right in again. Just as long as you choose the right hairspray, and you used it as your base and then you finish it off that should be a way to make you updo stay for the evening.
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