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Video:How to Make a Waterfall Braid

with Allyson Thompson

Making a waterfall braid is easier than you may think. Watch this video to learn how this hairstyle is created.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Waterfall Braid

Hi, I'm Allyson Thompson, here for I'm a hair stylist at Studio 23 in San Luis Obispo, California. Today I'm going to show you how to make a waterfall braid.

Supplies for Making a Waterfall Braid

To do this you will need a:

  • hair brush
  • a rubber band or bobby pins
  • and hair spray is optional

Before Doing a Waterfall Braid

Before styling your hair, you always want to begin by brushing it and clearing it of any tangles. Decide where you want your braid to start, and take a small section of hair, one-to-two inches in diameter. Divide the section into three equal pieces and begin braiding it in the traditional fashion, allowing yourself two-to-three cycles in the braid.

Instructions for Making the Waterfall Braid

Then begin french braiding from the left side. Grab a section from the left, and add it to the left piece you already have within your hand. Cross it over the center piece. Then drop the right piece and pick up a whole new section on the right. Don't add this to the previous section you've just dropped, simply continue braiding. The dropped section is meant to cascade down, giving this style its waterfall name. You'll continue in this fashion, french braiding on the left and dropping sections on the right, as far as you want your braid to wrap. When you've reached the end, secure the braid with a rubber band or bobby pins, depending on how far you've taken the braid and how you want it to lay. You can finish with hair spray, if you like. This style is great if you want to wear your hair long and loose, with just a little bit of flare. And that's how you make a waterfall braid.

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