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Video:How to Make a Smokey Eye

with Kate McCarthy

The smokey eye look is sexy, mysterious, and glamorous, and also easy to apply at home. Look like a model in minutes with these quick and easy tips to a perfect smokey eye.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Smokey Eye

Hi! I'm Kate Mccarthy with, and today we're going to learn how to do a perfect smokey eye.

Apply Protective Powder

The first thing you want to do is protect your face. So you're going to take some translucent, loose white powder, and you're going to coat your brush pretty well with it. And right underneath the eye, you're just going to tap the powder on. This is going to prevent any of the darker shadow from falling out onto your cheek, and it's going to be easier to remove, so you're not walking around with big black streaks all over your face.

Start the Smokey Eye Base

For the base of the smokey eye - if you're wanting to do black - you're actually going to start with a dark brown base. You're just going to apply that from your lid up to your crease. Now you're going to get your black, dark grey, or dark-colored eye shadow, and you're going to use a brush that's angled like this, so you can get it into the crease well. And it also blends very, very well. So you're going to start at the base of your lid - you want the base to be darker, and then you want to gradually smoke it out to your crease. Less is more - you don't need to use a ton of dark eye shadow to get that effect.

Smudge the Smokey Eye

Now you're going to take a brush that has a sponge tip - that's called a "smudge brush." When doing the bottom part of your smokey eye, you want to make sure that you connect the color to the roundness that comes off from the crease. And now, to make that pop more, you're going to want to get an iridescent white powder. You're going to use this to highlight the brow bone, so you can get some distinction between the smokey part of your crease and the rest of your eye.

Now we're going to return to our translucent powder, and we're going to dip our brush into it again, and we're just going to sweep away any of the fallout from the dark eye shadow.

Apply Mascara to the Smokey Eye

Now we're going to do our mascara - stick with a carbon black mascara. What's good with the smokey eye is you can really load you mascara on and it's just going to make the look even more dramatic.

Finish the Smokey Eye Look

One of the last things we're going to want to do is take some concealer, and just to make it pop you're going to conceal underneath. Now, to finish off the look, I'm going to take you down to the lips - we're going to grab our concealer and a makeup sponge and we're going to do a really nude lip. That's really in right now, and it's just going to make your eyes pop off your face - it's gong to look fantastic. So just take it, and you're just going to dab over the lips.

And now you have that perfect, right-off-the-runway smokey eye look that you can wear any night of the week.

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