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Video:How to Keep Hair Color Fresh Over 50

with Kelly Britton

Keeping hair color fresh over 50 can be a challenge, especially since the texture of hair becomes more brittle with age. Here are some tips on keeping hair color fresh over 50.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Keep Hair Color Fresh Over 50

Hi, I am Kelly Britton, a professional stylist here today with, and I going to show you how to keep your hair color fresh if you are over 50.

Possible Causes of Faded Hair Color Over 50

If you are having issues keeping your hair color looking fresh after dyeing, some possible causes are the sun, pollution, using too hot water when shampooing, softness or hardness of your water, or swimming in chlorine without protection.

Use Color-Locking Spray to Keep Hair Color Fresh Over 50

One idea is to use color locking spray, to go in the hair after you shower and shampoo and keep your hair protected from the Sun or pollution, and a chlorine swimming pool that wear down your color quickly. You can also use as a color protect shampoo and conditioner.

If you are blonde and worry about your hair turning green when going into chlorine swimming pools, use preventive conditioner on your hair before getting into a pool and really any brand conditioners will prevent this. If your hair still is green after swimming you can use a strong clarifying shampoo to get that right out.

Tips for Shampoos to Buy to Keep Hair Color Fresh Over 50

Note: If you are blonde, use a shampoo with a blue or purple base shampoo -- this prevents you from getting that ash color that is not popular if you are a blonde. If you have brown or black hair, use a shampoo with dark pigments as well.

All shampoos contain a little bit of red that locks in your hair color and add pop and shine. Also, only use warm or cold water, never use hot water, and rinse after conditioning with cold water to really lock in the color.

Use a Color Wand to Keep Hair Color Fresh Over 50

Another idea to keep your color fresh and vibrant is to use a color wand. These are sold at any beauty supply and great for touch up between color treatments. These come in many colors that will be easy to match to your hair color.

Pull your hair taunt and brush the roots lightly with the wand. These will wash out -- it's not permanent -- but great for touch ups on the new growth. Just pull hair to the side and brush only on the new growth.

These were some tips on how to keep your hair color fresh if you are over 50. Thank you for watching and for more information, visit us on the web at Style.

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