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Video:How to Do a Chin-Length Bob

with Jennifer Webb

Want to learn how to do a chin-length bob that will look sleek and smooth? Here, see step-by-step instructions.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Do a Chin-Length Bob

Hi I'm Jennifer Webb for Prima Salon Portland, Oregon for and I'm going to show you how to style a chin length bob.

Instructions for Doing a Chin-Length Bob

Section the hair over the ear pulling the front section forward and the back section back. And smooth against the neck. Start with the back graduating and stacking the layers. Figure out how stacked they would like their hair to be and how high they would want it in the back to start the graduation. It usually looks best to have 1 inch of graduation graduated from the back of the head down to the chin. Start cutting the hair start at the nape and take off the desired length giving it a graduated look in the back. Then slide the comb and slice sections at a 90 degree angle to stack the layers.

Finishing the Chin-Length Bob Cut

When you're done with the back blend the sides up with the back section and trim. Measuring up the length to the trim make sure that the graduation is at least one inch. This is how you achieve a chin length bob.

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