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Video:How to Cut a Layered Short Hairstyle

with Kelly Britton

A layered short hairstyle is a fun, stylish cut that's easy to do. Here is a step-by-step demonstration on how to get a layered short hairstyle.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Cut a Layered Short Hairstyle

Hi, I am Kelly Britton here today for Style to show you how to cut a layered short hairstyle.

Supplies for the Layered Short Hairstyle

The tools you will need are:
  • Hairspray
  • Blow dryer
  • Comb
  • Scissors
  • Hair trimmers

Trim the Back of the Head for a Layered Short Hairstyle

First thing is trim the neck with an 8-guard hair trimmer. Next trim only one side of the hair, and clip the rest of that hair away so you don't get any hair in your trimmers. Set it to an 8-guard and follow the line of the head. Curve from back, moving forward.

After you trim one side of the hair, let the clipped hair down and comb an inch above the other ear. You are not going to use the trimmers -- you will now use the scissors to cut.

Cut Hair At an Angle for a Layered Short Hairstyle

Pull the hair down. Leave that angle, and blend the side into the new back by holding your fingers to a parallel facing you. Comb down another 1/2-inch section, clip hair up, and blend that hair into the new hair. Work in the crown area, pulling hair up and point cutting to blend.

When you get to the side you used the trimmers on, you want to blend with your scissors, holding your palms toward the head and fingers facing outwards. Pull the front pieces of the hair forward, toward the face, and grab your guideline.

Cut upward, then go back through and point cut to blend. When you get to the opposite side, pull the hair up and when the hair falls down point cut what is left over.

Create Layers on Top for a Layered Short Hairstyle

Creating layers on top will give you more volume and making hair more pliable to work with. To style, blow dry just with fingers, pulling hair forward on low heat setting. When you finish blow drying, take hairspray, pull hair forward, spray this hair back, and that is how you cut a layered short hairstyle.

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