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Video:How to Change the Shape of Eyebrows

with Aubrey Morgan

Change the shape of eyebrows to keep eyebrows trim and neat. Here are some tips on how to change the shape of eyebrows.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Change the Shape of Eyebrows

Hi, I am Aubrey for and today I am going to teach you how to shape your eyebrows.

Choose a Desired Shape to Change the Shape of Eyebrows

First, you need to grow your eyebrows out so you have plenty of hair to work with. It takes generally two to three weeks to grow your eyebrows out.

Next, purchase a list of eyebrow shapes at your nearest drug store or look them up on the internet. Decide if you want to have a structured arch, soft arch, full arch or a curved arch.

Mark Natural Brow Line to Change the Shape of Eyebrows

Take a pencil or small make-up brush and place it straight against the inner corner of your eye and the outer rim of your nose. This determines where your eyebrows will start. Mark it with a white eyeliner pencil.

Take your pencil and place it vertically from the outer rim of the nose and the outer most part of your iris. That is where the highest part of your arch will be. Mark it with your eyeliner pencil. If you don't like the position of it, you can adjust the pencil to what suits you best. Rounder faces need higher brows, while longer faces need more straight brows.

Place your pencil over the outer corner of your nose and the outer tip of your eyebrows. This is where your eyebrow will stop. Mark it with an eyeliner pencil. You can adjust the length by moving the pencil closer in.

Take a white eyeliner pencil and draw over the hairs you want to remove. Draw under the arch along the bottom of the eyebrow and the top of your eyebrow in the shape you want them.

Trim and Pluck Eyebrows to Change the Shape of Eyebrows

Next, you need to trim your eyebrow hairs. Brush your eyebrow hair up. If you have any long hairs sticking out of your white eyeliner frame, then take the eyebrow trimmers and cut the length of the hair down.Start plucking the hair on the outside of the white eyeliner mark. Then pluck the hair on top.

Be cautious when plucking on top. Only pluck the thin hairs outside of the shape of your eyebrow. Comb your eyebrows and pluck any other thin hair your have outside of your eyebrow shape. Compare your eyebrow to the eyebrow shape you want to achieve. When it looks the same, stop tweezing. If your eyebrows aren't full, you can fill them in with an eyebrow pencil. You're finished.

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