Shoulder-Length Hair and Oval Faces - Do's and Don'ts of Shoulder-Length Hair and Oval Faces Video
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Video:Do's and Don'ts of Shoulder-Length Hair and Oval Faces

with Laura Kiorkis

Learn about the do's and don'ts of shoulder-length hair and oval faces before you head to the stylist. Here, see helpful information about pairing shoulder-length hair and oval faces.See Transcript

Transcript:Do's and Don'ts of Shoulder-Length Hair and Oval Faces

Hi! I am Laura Kiorkis, owner of Gemini of Chicago Hair Salon in Peoria, Arizona. Today I am going to talk to you about tips for shoulder-length hair on oval-faced shapes.

Options for Shoulder-Length Hair and Oval Faces

When determining an oval-faced shape you want to make sure that the face is one-and-a-half times longer than it is wide. To determine your face shape it's important that you use a tape measure so that you are accurate and you know exactly what face shape category you lie in.Patrice has an oval-faced shape.

Tips for Pairing Shoulder-Length Hair and Oval Faces

One very important thing to keep in mind is that oval-faced shapes are more symmetrical than most face shape and can wear any hairstyle out there. The only time you'll want to be careful when considering a style for an oval-faced shape is to not accentuate and make a face look even longer than it already is.For Patrice we are going to cut it at shoulder-length just above the collarbone maintaining the weight in the area by the jaw-line. We are also going to create shorter layers at the crown to give it some body while maintaining balance at the sides and not removing too much weight at the sides. This way we keep it symmetrical in accordance with the face shape.We'll also frame the face starting at the cheekbones creating soft wisps around the face to create some softness around the face.

Additional Information About Shoulder-Length Hair and Oval Faces

Because Patrice has an oval-faced shape we can either choose to cut bangs or not cut bangs. In this case we are going to go for length around the face and stay away from doing any kind of fringe or bang.

Shoulder-Length Hairstyles and Oval Faces

For this hairstyle we will don't want to section from ear to ear and from the front of the head in the middle towards the highest point in the head called the apex. You'll find this spot by laying a comb at the top and where it balances evenly is the highest point on the hand.After you've established your length make sure to check that both sides are symmetrical in length. For Patrice's oval-faced shape you'll want to cut medium to short layers in the crown gradually getting longer towards the face.

After you've cut the layers in the back crown area you'll want to incorporate the sides by making them travel to the back area behind the ear in the previous cut section. You'll then want to comb all the hair forward and frame the face by point-cutting the hair around it starting at the part-line.To style a shoulder-length long-bob on find to medium hair we are going to use a root lifter for volume and a cream mousse throughout the ends to create fullness and body in the shape. We are also going to use a one-and-a-half inch ceramic round brush to create volume, polish, and body.

Styling Shoulder-Length Hair for Oval Faces

For styling you'll spray in a root lifter for volume and a cream mousse or a blow-drying gel at the ends for body and shine. You'll then section by section begin to round brush the hair with a ceramic one-inch brush, making sure to only blow-dry the mid strand first for polish and control and then continue to the ends for body and shine. You'll continue to do this throughout the head, lifting up for extra volume and aiming hot air at the roots. You'll use a medium to high heat and make sure that your speed is also on high. When you finish blow-drying, spray in a soft flexible hold hair spray to set your style. Those are the top do's and don'ts for shoulder-length hair on an oval-faced shape.
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