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Video:Classic Prom Updo

with Kyle Britt

Want to learn about creating a classic prom updo? This video will show you how to do a gorgeous prom updo on your own.See Transcript

Transcript:Classic Prom Updo

Welcome to Studio 207. My name is Kyle Britt. I am a licensed professional cosmetologist and today I am going to show you how to do an elegant prom updo.

Tools for a Classic Prom Updo

The tools you will need to complete a prom updo is:

  • a hairspray
  • bobby pins
  • comb
  • teasing comb
  • a pair of butterfly clips
  • a professional curling iron
  • and a feel good brush

Instructions for Creating a Classic Prom Updo

With this prom updo the focus and the body will be more on the top of the head rather than underneath. So what we are going to do is section up the hair. What I am going to do is I am going to resection up here and we are going to tease a little more extra. Take this, section, tease. Now what I am really focusing teasing is below the middle of the ear because we want this to be a little more smoother and not so large so that it doesn't take away from the focal point.

Now that we have that teased off we can go ahead and just take this section, curl up, and you would do the same thing within the next volume sections. Bottom half, go ahead, just follow the suit, then you take this and you just. Now we are going to take the rest, we are going to just smooth up.

So what I did, I've smoothed out the top section and I just pulled it all through. We are going to take a section by section. Let's use the curl that we have, and kind of just pin it in. We are going to finish it off with this section, section by section we just pull it back.My name is Kyle Britt and this is how you do a formal prom updo.

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