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Video:Best Hairstyles For 40 Year Olds

with Michael Britton

Want to learn about the best hairstyles for 40 year olds? Here, see tips for creating the best look for your age.See Transcript

Transcript:Best Hairstyles For 40 Year Olds

Hi I'm professional hairstylist Corene Camp from Fort Worth, Texas, here today for to show the best hairstyle for 40 year olds.

Supplies for Hairstyles for 40 Year Olds

Here are the tools you will need:

  • Blow dryer
  • Round brush
  • Hair Styling products

Information About Hairstyles for 40 Year Olds

A 40 year old woman still needs something that is fun, a fresh, an easy to style look. especially if she is a Mom or working woman on the go. We want to give her a style that is young and fun, but not a style that makes her look like she is trying to be too young.But we don't want to go too far the other extreme, looking too old, drab, unflattering.

Instructions for Doing Hairstyles for 40 Year Olds

Today we are going to do something very easy, simple that does not look too drab, and something that can be done fast, before you take the kids to school, or before you have to be at work.In the mornings shampoo and condition your during your shower, as it dries, it may start to get frizzy if it is naturally curly, but we will use that texture to your advantage. We are going to use small round brush just slightly smaller than most round brushes…we are going to add a bit of curl, so no need for a curling iron or flat iron.

Take in small section with the round brush work the hair around the brush pulling down and curl it up and let it set, to hold the curl.Letting it cool down is very important, so we don't loose the curl, you can even curl it around your fingers, or better pin it up, when the whole head is done, spray it, then let all the pins out and let your hair down if you don't have much natural curl in your hair. That will define your curls making it tighter and last longer. Continue to blow dry and curl throughout the whole entire head.

When you are finished blow drying, smooth a bit with shine serum or palm aid for more definition in the curl, blending the curls together for fuller style. There we have a simple style for the working Mom or business woman in her 40's on the go.So remember the best hairstyles for the 40 year old woman, is something not too young, or too old, and very easy and fast to style.

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