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Video:Best Haircuts for Round Faces Over 50

with Corene Camp

Want to learn about the best haircuts for round faces over 50? Here, see tips for creating a look that works for your age.See Transcript

Transcript:Best Haircuts for Round Faces Over 50

Hi I'm professional hairstylist Corene Camp from Fort Worth, Texas, here today for to show you the best haircuts for a round face over 50.

Supplies for Doing Haircuts for Round Faces Over 50

The tools you will need are:

  • Blow Dryer
  • Round Brush
  • Hair Styling products

Tips for Haircuts for Round Faces Over 50

The benefits for having a round face is you can wear both short and long hair very well. For a short style for a women over 50 we don't have to be bland, but have fun and give it an edgy look. A great short style for the over 50 woman would include something fun maybe a little edgy with a little textured pieces, we can avoid perms and roller brush sets, we are not that old yet.

Instructions for Haircuts for Round Faces Over 50

With a palm aid we can add a lot of texture and pieces to the hair cut and avoid any bland boring styles. So first what makes a round face? To determine pay attention to the outer three points on the face. Toward the temple, the cheekbone and the jawline.With a round face we notice the jawline, temple and the cheekbone are almost all even with not one, more wide that the other, and a slight more rounded curve at jawlineWhat highlights round faces would be a lot of tampering in the front, we don't want to create anymore lines across the face to make it look wider. So a good haircut for a round face would be something A symmetrical or something with a swoop bang, to also disguise a round face you can style using a lot of volume and height towards the crown and avoid a lot of weight at the bottom of the haircut.

Bangs to avoid with a round face would be a heavy straight across bang that would make another line across the face and make it look wider.A light, maybe fringy, edgy short bang will be good to break up the roundness or a light swoop bang to give it an A symmetrical look. I am going to demonstrate how to give a good bang and some height to a round face.

I am going to direct the bangs across the face for an A symmetrical look and pay a lot of attention to the height, right at the crown area.By keeping the hair away from the face we avoid any weight at the bottom of the haircut to avoid making the face look rounder.We will run just a little palm aid through the hair to give that pieced textured look to this bang, to look less heavy.

So remember the best haircuts for a round face woman, over 50, are to avoid heavy bangs, no tapering around the face, add a lot of height volume at the top or crown, and keep a lot of volume or weight away from the the sides of the face.

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