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Video:Best Haircuts for Long Faces Over 50

with Corene Camp

Want to learn about the best haircuts for long faces when over 50? Here, see helpful tips before you head to the salon.See Transcript

Transcript:Best Haircuts for Long Faces Over 50

Hi I am professional stylist Corene Camp from Ft. Worth Texas and I am going to show you the best haircuts for a long face over 50.

Tools for Haircuts for Long Faces Over 50

The tools you will need are:

  • Cutting Shears
  • Comb
  • Flat Iron
  • Styling Products

Tips for Haircuts for Long Faces Over 50

A long face is longer than it is wide and usually a wider or longer forehead and pointed thin chin. The best haircut for a long face over 50 is something with a soft layering toward the bottom or length of the hair.

Haircuts for Long Faces Over 50

To achieve this we will add a little bit of layers, not starting too short, something we can curl or round brush to give us some body. But still maintaining a soft look. We can go a little shorter in the layers or tapering around the face to make our face look a little wider. For someone with a a long face who wants a little bit of bang we can do a straight across bang but keep it wispy and leave it the length at about the brow line.

A great way to style this haircut is to use a flat iron, curling iron or round brush to add a little curl for some body at the sides of the hair. To enhance our tapering, we can curl towards the face, this will make our tapering and our layering a little more defined. Because we don't want anything too drastic, we can create a soft look by not putting a heavy curl, and finish it with a nice finishing product to keep our style defined. Remember a great haircut for a long face of a woman over 50 would be light layering at the sides, maybe short tapering around the face, light textured bangs, and some fun body and curl towards the bottom of the layers.

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