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Beauty: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Gorgeous Hairstyles for Older Women
Wondering what haircuts and color looks best on women over age 50? I share the best bobs, shags, shoulder-length cuts and more in this gallery.
The Best Short Haircuts for Women Over 50
In this photo gallery, I show off gorgeous short hairstyles for women over 50 including bobs, the pixie, edgy cuts, shags and much more.
The Best Short Haircuts by Face Shape
Before you cut your hair off, find out which short cuts (shags, pixies, bobs) would look best on your face shape. Round faces, for example, are tricky.
The Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50
See 20 of the best hairstyles on women over age 50. I've picked the best shoulder-length cuts, bobs, shags and more. Find out what works best on you.
The 30 Hottest Medium Length Hairstyles
Medium, shoulder-length hairstyles are super trendy at the moment. From shags to long bobs to curly styles, check out 20 of my favorite hairstyles.
The 30 Hottest Bob Hairstyles for 2015
Bob hairstyles remain a hairstyle trend this year. But these aren't your mother's bobs. See 20 of the best bobs this year including long bobs and more.
The Most Flattering Hairstyles Ever
Which hairstyles best suit a round face? I pick the best and worst hairstyles for round face shapes. These won't make your face appear rounder.
The Most Flattering Hairstyles of 2015 by Face...
Find out which of the today's haircut trends would work with your face shape, hair texture and personality. Plus, how to pick your perfect hairstyle.
What Is Your Face Shape: Round, Square, Long,...
I show you how to measure your face to determine your true face shape. Find out if you have a round, oval, long, square or heart-shaped face.
10 Hairstyles That Make You Look 10 Years Younger
From short hair, to medium lengths to long, we have 10 hairstyles that will help make you look 10 years younger.
Hairstyles for Oval Faces: The 30 Most...
Find out what long, medium and short hairstyles best flatter an oval face shape. Plus, find out why oval faces can appear to be long sometimes.
Best Hairstyles for Long Face Shapes: 30...
If you've landed on this slideshow, you probably think you have a long face. Long faces are basically
25 Amazing Face Masks You Can Make at Home
Why buy a face mask or scrub when you can make your own homemade versions? These popular recipes are formulated for 6 skin types from oily to dry.
The Best Long Bob Hairstyles
The long bob remains one of the most sought-after hairstyles. Find out cuts work best with what face shapes and hair textures.
My Best Makeup Tips for Women Over 50
I've compiled my 25 best makeup tips for older women. Find out how to conceal wrinkles, crow's feet, thinning lips and crepe-y eyelids.
20 Hairstyling Tricks Every Woman Should Know
I share salon secrets to styling your own hair, from a professional blow dry, trimming your own bangs to creating the perfect beachy waves.
The Hottest Short Hairstyle Trends of the Year
The 6 hottest short hair trends include the mussy shag, the pixie and more. Find out which of these short hairstyles best works with your face shape.
Great Hairstyles for Women in Their 60s
I handpick the best hairstyles for women in their 60s, from bobs, to shoulder-length cuts to hair color and more. Plus, find out what cuts would work on you.
Gorgeous Shoulder-Length Hairstyles
Most Flattering Hairstyle: Shoulder-Length Hair
The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape
Find out what bangs best suit your face shape. See what bang hairstyles work with long, round, square, oval and heart-shaped faces.
19 Gorgeous Short Hairstyles
Photos of Short Hairstyles: Super Short Hairstyles
The Best Short Haircuts for Women
In this photo gallery, I feature gorgeous short hairstyles for women including bobs, the pixie, edgy cuts, shags and much more.
Pixie Hair: 20 Amazing Pixie Hairstyle Photos
The pixie is one of the hottest hairstyles of the moment. See which cuts are most popular and which face shapes and hair textures work with a pixie.
8 Rules to Picking Your Perfect Short Hairstyle
Not all short women's hairstyles work on all face shapes and with all textures. Find out how to find the perfect short haircuts for your face and hair.
26 of the Most Amazing Shag Hairstyles
Shag hairstyles are very popular right now. Whether you're opting for a shaggy bob, or shaggy long hair, you'll enjoy these 26 photos of the best ones.
20 Gorgeous Shoulder-Length Haircuts for Women...
In this photo gallery, I show off 20 gorgeous medium-length hairstyles for women over 50 including long bobs, curly hair, waves and pin straight cuts.
The 12 Best Cleansers of 2015: My Top Picks for...
You can get a great basic face wash from any drugstore, but if you want the best, you can pay for it. See the best cleansers for 5 different skin types.
Are Your Hair and Makeup Aging You?
How to look younger. We look back at celebrities who can look years older than they really are just because of bad hair and makeup.
Flattering Bob Hairstyles for Older Women
Bob Hairstyles on Older Women. Beauty.
Photos of 2015's Biggest Hairstyle Trends
The hottest hairstyles (so far) for 2015 include bobs, bobs and more bobs. Plus, pastel hair, braids, shags, the pixie and so much more.
The 12 Best Foundations for Mature Skin
I researched and found the best reviewed foundation for mature skin. You'll find foundation that works with all skin types and at all price points.
Short, Sleek Hairstyle Ideas
If you like super short cuts with a bit of edge, then this photo gallery of 20 amazing hairstyles is for you.
20 Bob Hairstyle Ideas
Short bobs have yet to go out of style. Find out which short bob hairstyles are trendy in 2014.
The 11 Best Flat Irons and Hair Straighteners...
I've picked the best flat irons and hair straighteners for 2015. You'll find the pricey flat irons the pros love and more affordable flat irons that won't break on you.
My Best Homemade Face Scrubs: 10 Recipes You'll...
I've compiled some of the best homemade facial scrub recipes out there. Get the ingredients in your refrigerator, cupboards or local grocery store.
8 Steps to Perfect Eye Makeup
My best makeup artist secrets to eye makeup including a bit of white eyeshadow in the corner of the eye to make your eyes pop.
20 Great Hairstyles With Bangs
See a round-up of the best hairstyles featuring bangs, including sideswept bangs, blunt bangs, fringe and more.
15 Things Older Women Should Know About Hair
Women over 50 may wonder what hairstyle rules they should follow. Get the scoop in 10 hair tips every older woman should know.
These Face Mask Recipes Work for All Skin Types
I've tried out these popular face mask recipes for all skin types. Get the ingredients in your refrigerator, cupboards or local grocery store.
Suffer From Acne? Try These Homemade Face Masks
These homemade face mask recipes are specially formulated for oily, acne-prone skin. Get the recipes and find out why they work so well on oily skin.
How to Choose the Perfect Haircut for Your Hair...
Finding a flattering haircut can be daunting, however, there are a few rules we live by. Find out how to pick the perfect haircut, what looks are most flattering and why.
The 8 Hottest Hair Color Trends Right Now
I rundown the hottest hair color trends for 2015 including platinum, bronde and red hair colors. Find out what hair color is in and if it would work on you.
The Best of the Best Moisturizers for the Face
Finding a really great moisturizer is sort of like finding a really great pair of boots that you'll wear
Photos of Gorgeous Gray Hairstyles
See photos of amazing gray hair on celebrities and regular people. Short gray hair, long gray hair, the
10 Rules for the Perfect Perm
Perms: Is a Perm for You? How to get the perfect perm. Perms have come a long way since the 80s when I was addicted to the very fake-y,
Best Hairstyles for Square Face Shapes
I pick the best and worst hairstyles for square face shapes in this photo gallery.
The Best Hairstyles for Heart-Shaped Faces
Best hairstyles for heart-shaped faces. Not all hairstyles are flattering on heart-shaped faces, find out which ones are best for your face shape (and which ones will make your jaw look even more prominent).
20 Photos of Short and Curly Hair Done Right
If you have curly hair, short hair can be tricky, but it is do-able. These short, curly hairstyles prove that you can look great with super curly hair that's cut above the shoulders.
What Is Balayage Hair Coloring?
Find out the difference between foil highlights and Balayage and what would work better with your hairstyle.
The 15 Best Mascaras of 2015
I handpick the best mascaras for 2015 from cheap to steep and a bunch in between. Find out what drugstore brands and posh brands are worth the buy.
20 Celebrity Hair Styles for Round Faces
Check out the hairstyles on 20 iconic round-faced celebrities including Mila Kunis, Charlize Theron and more. Find out why their hairstyles work for their face shapes and what styles they should avoid.
19 Pretty, Medium-Length Hairstyle Ideas
Photos of Medium Length Hairstyles: Great looks for curly hair, straight hair, wavy and more
20 Photos of Side-Swept Bang Hairstyles
Sideswept bangs are flattering on almost everyone. See photos of them and find out who can (and who can't) wear them.
I Pick the Best of the Best Concealers for 2015
The best concealers will cover up dark, under-eye circles, redness and blemishes. Here, I rundown my top picks, plus give you the scoop on how to apply concealer.
19 Gorgeous Short, Black Hairstyles
Check out a photo gallery of 20 short, black hairstyles on black female celebrities including Rihanna, NeNe Leakes and more.
20 Tips to Picking Frames for Glasses After Age...
How to choose stylish frames for your glasses when you're over 50.
The 14 Best Shampoos, Conditioners for Fine Hair
The best shampoos for fine, oily hair are not creamy. Look for clear shampoos and use a clarifying shampoo once a week. Here's a round up of my favorites.
What Type of Bob Hairstyle Is Best for Your Face?
Find out what bobs work best on various face shapes including round, long, oval, square and heart.
Is This the Most Flattering Haircut Ever?
The Perfect Haircut -- Long, Layered & Shaggy. Find out what haircut looks great on almost every face shape.
How to Treat Back Acne
Back acne can be aggravating but it's relatively easy to treat. Try this 3-step treatment plan to clear up your back acne and find out how to keep it at bay.
The Best Foundations for Each Skin Type
Finding the best foundation for your complexion can be tricky. Here, I run down the best foundations for oily, mature, dry and combination skin.
The 14 Best Scrubs, Microdermabrasives &...
I pick the best scrubs and peels on the market today from cheap to steep. Find scrubs that don't contain microbeads and peels that are good for the skin.
I Got My Spider Veins Removed. Did It Work?
I had the spider veins zapped from my legs on a recent sclerotherapy visit to Dr. Luis Navarro at The Vein Treatment Center in New York City.
The Worst Oscars Beauty Faux Pas
I've covered award shows since 2000 and I guarantee the Oscars red carpet never disappoints. Here is my rundown of the worst Academy Awards beauty ever.
20 Hairstyles That Flatter an Oval Face
In this gallery, I feature 20 of the most flattering hairstyles on oval face shapes. See edgy, long, romantic and curly styles.
Chop, Chop: 21 Celebrities Go From Long to a...
If you're wondering if a long bob hairstyle is for you, check out these 16 celebrities who cut off their long hair into a fun and sexy long bob.
The Best Short Hairstyles for Round Face Shapes
Who says women with round face shapes can't wear their hair short. Find out how to wear the pixie, the bob, the shag and much more.
Flat Hair? I've Found the Best Products for...
Has your fine hair gone flat? I've researched the best products on the market that add volume to fine hair. I have fine hair, too, so this list is extra personal.
20 Gorgeous Pixie Haircuts on Women Over 50
In this photo gallery, I show off 20 gorgeous pixie hairstyles for women over 50 including classic cuts, edgy ones and pixies of all colors.
The Best Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair
See photos of hairstyles for curly hair. My best photos of curly hairstyles.
Photos: See the Most Flattering Haircut on...
See 19 examples of the most flattering haircut on everyone. No matter your face shape, your hair color, your hair texture or even your age, this cut will be flattering on you.
Should You Dye Your Hair?
See 20 gorgeous photos of hair color including blonde, brunette, red, black and brown. Find out what colors work best with your skin tone and much more.
16 Flattering Women's Hairstyles for Round Faces
Round Face Shapes: Best, Worst Haircuts for Round Faces. Photos of cute and sexy hairstyles that flatter round face shapes. See what haircuts and color are most flattering on round face shape.
19 Sexy Short Hairstyle Ideas
Celebrities With Short Hair. Beauty.
How Recreate a Spa Facial at Home
Why spend the money on a professional facial when you can do one at home? This basic step-by-step at-home facial treatment works for all skin types.
The Best of Instagram: 29 Gorgeous Hairstyles
I've uncovered the best hairstylists, celebrities and bloggers on Instagram. Get inspired with these 29 amazing hairstyles, cuts and color for Spring 2015.
See 20 Long Bob Hairstyles We Love
See Gallery 1 of Long Bob Hairstyles Check out my other galleries of bob hairstyles: Gallery 1 Gallery
Hairstyles That Slim a Round Face Shape
These 19 hairstyles actually make your round face appear slimmer.
The Best Celebrity Pixie Haircuts
See celebrities with pixie hair including Ginnifer Goodwin, Halle Berry & more.
How to Make Body Scrubs at Home
Why buy a sugar scrub or a salt scrub when you can make a homemade body scrub out of basic ingredients yourself? All you need is salt or sugar, body oil and a nice, warm bath.
19 Amazing Hairstyles for Long Faces
Oblong Face Shape Hairstyles -- Best haircuts and hair styles for women with oblong (or long) face shapes.
20 Bob Haircuts That Work
Ten photos of bob haircuts. Beauty.
The Secret to Beach Hair (How to Get Those Sexy...
Find out how to create beachy waves without stepping onto a beach. All you need is product and maybe a curling iron. Here's how to get those perfect waves.
How to Give Your Fine Hair More Body
If you suffer from fine, flat hair and would like to give your hair more body, you'll find the best beauty advice in this article. Find out what cuts give hair more bounce, what products you should use and how to keep oily hair at bay.
The Best Exfoliating Tips for the Face & Body
Get the scoop on how to exfoliate your skin properly using a dry brush, bath scrubs and facial scrubs. Plus, get homemade scrub recipes for both the face and body.
Is the Mascara That's Taken Social Media By...
What I thought when I tried Younique Fiber Mascara, the mascara that's taking social media by storm.
The Best Sulfate-free Shampoos
I have done the research on the best sulfate-free shampoos on the market today. Find out why you should avoid sulfates and see my picks from cheap to steep.
Top 10 Tips for Shaving Your Legs
Get expert tips on shaving legs, underarms and bikini area. Plus, how to avoid nicks and ingrown hairs
The Bikini Wax: What to Expect With Your First...
What to expect from a bikini wax: how to prepare, what really happens, the difference between different waxes and much more.
Dry, Damaged Hair? These Products Were Made for...
If you suffer from dry, damaged or frizzy hair, serums and deep conditioners can help. I run down my list of the best styling products and shampoos for this hair type.
20 Skincare Tips Every Woman Over 50 Should Know
As skin ages, it has particular needs. Find out the secrets to keeping your skin in tip-top shape as you age.
Gorgeous Haircuts for Women Past 70
See photos of famous women age 70 and older and their fabulous haircuts and learn beauty tips on what haircuts and color work on women of your age.
The Most Popular Long Hairstyles for 2015
Long hair remains a popular hairstyle trend in 2015. See 10 long hairstyle trends for the year including wavy hair, side braids and the ballerina bun.
Celebrities Without Makeup: Instagram Selfies
I've pulled together the best no makeup selfies from Instagram. See models, actresses and musicians in no makeup selfies.
20 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Brunettes
We have the scoop on the year's most gorgeous brown hair color. From light browns to auburn to deep chocolates, see photos for inspiration.
9 Mistakes People Make When Shampooing Their Hair
There's a good chance you aren't shampooing your hair correctly. I walk you through the biggest mistakes women make plus the 8 steps to perfectly clean hair.
18 Common Kitchen Items That Will Revitalize...
Why spend $$ to buy fancy products for your skin when you can make them at home using a few simple staples in your kitchen cabinet? Here are my favorite uses for your average kitchen items.
10 Secrets to Styling Naturally Curly Hair
My best curly hair how-tos for women with naturally curly hair. See photo galleries, curly hairstyling tips, how to cut down on frizz, the best hair products for curly hair and much more.
How to Shave Your Bikini Area
It's always better to wax your bikini area, but if you must use a razor, follow these rules for the smoothest shave possible.
Eye Makeup Tips for Older Women
Here I compile my best eye makeup tips for older women. Find out how to apply makeup, what to avoid and the secret to longer-lasting color.
Hair Mask Recipes for Damaged Hair
These hair mask recipes are created for damaged hair and work on all hair types including coarse, frizzy, dry, oily, fine and wavy hair.
Blow Dry: 13 Mistakes People Make When...
You may not be blowdrying your hair correctly. Find out how to do a proper blow dry, what brush NOT to use and much more in this article on hair drying tips and tricks.
19 Gorgeous Haircuts for Naturally Curly Hair
This is gallery 2 of my photos of naturally curly hair.
Hot Hair Color Trend: Bronde Hair
Bronde is a hot hair color trend created by model Gisele Bundchen back in 2007. It's still popular. See 20 amazing hairstyles.
The Best Hairstyles at Every Age
Hairstyles for All Ages: What Looks Best in Your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s & 70s
Black Hairstyle Trends for 2014
Black hair trends this year include short hair, long hair, natural hair, locs, waves and weaves. Plus, get the scoop on how to style hair, choose relaxers and work with your natural hair.
8 Facts About Adult Acne
One in 5 women between the ages of 25 and 40 suffer from adult acne. We run down the myths and the facts and how to treat it. It's easier than you'd think.
Fix Your Dry Skin With These Moisturizing DIY...
I've tried out these popular face mask recipes for dry, chapped skin. Get the ingredients in your refrigerator, cupboards or local grocery store.
How to Blow Dry Your Hair Like a Professional
A good blowout can last several days. Find out how to give yourself a salon blowout in your own home.
20 Ways to Wear Blunt Bangs
Blunt bangs can be super edgy and cool, but they require regular upkeep. See photos of them and find out who can (and who can't) wear them.
20 Glamorous Bob Hairstyles
Diablo Cody's Short Black Bob. Beauty.
Why You Should Not Color Your Awesome Gray Hair
These photos will inspire you to let your hair go silver or gray.
How to Pick the Right Shade of Concealer
Wonder what shade of concealer is right for your skin tone? Here we show you what shades of concealer are perfect for your skin tone.
The Best Sunscreens for Every Budget
I've done the research on sunscreen and compiled the best sunscreens on the market. Organic sunscreen, sport sunscreen, sunscreens safe enough for baby and the Best Sunscreen in the World.
10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Hair...
There are 6 basic types of hair textures and each one comes with it's own set of hair rules -- and a few rule breakers.
Easy, 8-Step Pedicure to Pamper Your Feet
In this step-by-step article, I share exactly how to give yourself a professional pedicure. All you need a few tools.
Brown Sugar Facial Scrub With Honey
This facial scrub uses honey, brown sugar and a few drops of oil. It's a wonderful homemade scrub and a very popular one.
20 Great Hairstyles for Black Women
Photos of Short, Long & Medium Black Hairstyles
How to Tell If You'd Make a Great Blonde
Before you take the plunge and go blonde, find out if you'd make a great blonde. Here's how to tell what shade works best on you and much more.
The 14 Biggest Mistakes Women Make When...
Find out the biggest hair color mistakes women make when they do their own color at home. Plus: why you should never go more than a couple shades lighter or darker.
How to Shrink Your Pores
Find out how to make your large pores appear smaller without spending a ton of money.
Does Laser Hair Removal Really Work?
Laser hair removal: I tried it, but did it work? Find out what happens when I decide to ban the razor and skip the waxing salon and research laser hair removal.
Parfum vs Eau de Toilette: What's the Difference?
What's the Difference Between a parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, etc? We describe the major types of perfumes and fragrances, including the difference between a parfum, eau de perfume, eau de toilette, eau fraiche, and eau de cologne.
The Right & Wrong Ways to Clean Your Face
I share my best skin care tips for cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating and protecting skin from skin damage. These tips will help you look much younger.
The Right Way to Apply Perfume
Consult this guide to where and how to apply fragrance to make perfume last longer. Tips and tricks for applying fragrance that will give your scent staying power and help your perfume last all day.
20 Fabulous Styles for Black Hair
See hairstyle photos of black hairstyles that will blow you away on Naomi Campbell, NeNe Leakes, Queen Latifah. Plus, many more famous celebrities with fabulous hair including weaves, natural and straightened.
From Bruce to Caitlyn: Photos of Jenner Over...
Here's a look at Bruce Jenner over the years as he has reportedly made the transformation from male to female.
Japanese Hair Straightening: Should You Try It?
Japanese hair straightening is a popular method of straightening curly or wavy hair into pin-straight locks. Find out if you should get it, how much it costs and how it compares to the Brazilian straightening treatments.
20 Stunning Shades of Blonde
Have blonde hair color (or want to go blonde)? Get inspired with these 20 amazing blonde hair colors including platinum, buttery blondes and much more.
10 Minutes to Perfect Makeup
Learn how to apply makeup in 12 easy steps starting with a flawless face, moving on to the eyes and then ending with the mouth. I share my best tips and tricks from my many years as a beauty editor.
Teen Beauty: 20 Beauty Secrets Every Teen Girl...
I share 22 beauty secrets I wish I knew as a teenager growing up in rural Texas. Find out how to combat scaly lips, why foundation isn't a good bet and much more.
17 Amazing Haircuts for Women in Their 50s
In this gallery I feature gorgeous haircuts for women in their 50s including long, beachy waves, the classic bob, the shag and shoulder-length cuts.
Tips for Waxing Your Legs at Home
Leg Wax -- How to Wax Your Own Legs. Skip the salon and save money by waxing your own legs.
How to Fix Fried Hair
Is your hair the consistency of hay from over-styling, perming or coloring? Here's a fix we learned from celebrity stylist Chris McMillan.
Revitalizing Coffee and Cocoa Face Mask for All...
This soothing face mask made of coffee grounds and cocoa powder will leave your face refreshed and will get rid of any puffiness. A reader favorite!
12 Flattering Haircuts for Women in Their 30s
In this gallery I feature gorgeous haircuts for women in their 30s including long, beachy waves, the classic bob, the shag and shoulder-length cuts.
How to Tell What Type of Skin You Have
Ever wonder why your dry skin sometimes feels oily and vice versa? When it comes to skin care, it's important to know your skin type and that it may change over the year or even the month (hormones!). Here's how to tell what type of skin you have.
20 Great Short Haircuts for Black Women
Short Black Hair -- Photos of Short Black Hairstyles
The Right Way to Apply Eyeliner
Eyeliner can make your eyes pop -- if you know how to apply correctly. Find out how to do a smokey eye, a bold eye and a cat eye, when to use liquid or pencil liners and much more.
How to Make a Brown Sugar Face Scrub
This brown sugar and olive oil scrub for the face is wonderful for sloughing away dead skin cells on the face. Learn how to make it yourself with this homemade recipe.
20 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Black Women
Black Hairstyles -- Photos of Short, Black Hairstyles. Black beauty, black styles for hair
How Can I Lighten My Dark Skin?
Find out how to lighten your dark skin with natural and store-bought products.
How To Soften Dry, Cracked Heels
If you suffer from dry heels, find out how to get softer feet and get rid of dry heels forever
The Secret to Sexy, Beachy Waves
Find out how to properly curl your hair into sexy, beachy waves, long spirals and more.
20 Flattering Bob Cuts for Every Face Shape
Laura Carmichael's Red Bob. Beauty.
16 Tips and Tricks to Applying Lipstick
Lipstick: How to apply lipstick, tricks for getting lipstick to last longer, how to make lips looks plumper, and more.
What Products are Best for Curly Hair?
Looking for the best products for your naturally curly hair? I've got the rundown on treatments, shampoos, conditioners and masks.
The Trick to Making Your Eyes Look Bigger
Make your eyes pop by curling your lashes, applying eyeliner correctly and these other amazing tips for eye makeup.
Your Ultimate Guide to Eye Shadow
I've compiled my best eyeshadow tips, the ones I wish I knew 20 years ago. Find out how to pick the right colors for your eyes, why primers are so important and how to make eyes pop.

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