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Review of Bare Escentuals bare Minerals Firming Eye Treatment

Review of Bare Escentuals bare Minerals Firming Eye Treatment

By Sue Costello

Review of Bare Escentuals bare Minerals Firming Eye Treatment
Another success in the line of ActiveSoil Complex skin care, Bare Escentuals bare Minerals Firming Eye Treatment smooths the skin around your eyes without burning, stinging or breaking out all us sensitive types. It works with contact lenses, too. It’s nice to be able to smooth the skin in my eye area without turning my eyes as red as a hayfever victim’s the day after Mardi Gras.

Like the other items in the bare Minerals collection, this has a luxurious feel without being thick or greasy. There is no heavy perfume, either.

The Pros

  • While this isn’t a miracle worker that’s going to make 40-year-old eyes suddenly pass for 20-year-old eyes, it does seem to slow down the aging process a bit. In other words, it’s not going to repair all the damage time has done over the years, but it may hold off the appearance of future damage once you start using it. The earlier, the better, I’d say.
  • Some heavier eye creams will actually cause you to wake up puffy-eyed, or even with a fine film over your vision from the cream getting in your eyes from rubbing against the pillow, melting into the corners, whatever. This one does neither.
  • It works nicely under makeup, as long as you give it 10 to 15 minutes to sink in.
  • As far as decent eye creams go, $28 for a tube isn’t a bad price, especially since you don’t need to use very much at a time.

The Cons

  • Again, this treatment isn’t going to miraculously reverse the aging process. In my experience, however, those that claim to do so either don’t do what they claim or give me a rash anyway.
  • And, my usual gripe about many products for sensitive skin: no sun protection. Most skin care companies seem to have phased out sunscreen around the eyes over the past few years, so in this case it isn’t as big a deal. Plus, it’s an excuse to pick up a really great pair of sunglasses!

The Bottom Line

While I don’t have a lot of what I’ll call “risk factors for aging” (smoking, tanning, etc.), my eyes have been an issue for two reasons: 1) I laugh a lot; 2) I’ve worn contact lenses since Snoop Dogg was a pup. While the laughter only produces tiny crinkles over time, the tugging and stretching inflicted on my eye area by inserting and removing contact lenses, plus the inevitable rubbing when some nasty piece of dirt lands square on the center of the eye, has given me a few big, fat undereye wrinkles. And the irony of that is, most creams that can help soften those wrinkles will film up or irritate my eyes due to the lenses. Bare Escentuals bare Minerals Firming Eye Treatment gives me the best of both worlds: smooth skin without the irritating gunk.
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