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Pixie Hair: 20 Amazing Pixie Hairstyles


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Rihanna's Pixie Hairstyle
Pixie Hair: 20 Amazing Pixie Hairstyles


Frederick M. Brown // Getty Images
Ursula Stephen, Rihanna's stylist, tells Elle UK magazine why she and Rihanna decided to lop off the singer's long hair into this pixie cut for the MTV VMA Awards in September, 2012, "We were craving what we have done before. But wanted it to be a bit different."

The last time Rihanna's hair was short was in 2008, but it was longer on top. To get this look on black, afro-textured hair, Stephen tells Elle, you should "relax, wrap and flat iron your hair to create this look. If you hair is naturally straight or just has a slight wave you will be able to go straight for the cut."

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