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How to Find the Part in Your Hair


How to Find the Part in Your Hair
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If you're wondering how to find the part in your hair, simply brush dry hair forward and then shake your head to see where your hair naturally parts. Use a comb to part a perfect line. Most people have natural parts in their hair, but if you don't you can create your own. Here are some tips on what parts look best by face shape:

Long or oval faces These face shapes look best with a side part. Part hair in line with the arch in your eyebrow, suggests stylist Garren, in Allure magazine.

Round or square faces Your best bet is a middle part, which tends to make your face and features appear longer.

Prominent forehead and jutty chin Play down these features with a part that's just off-center, suggests Garren.

When creating a part, you'll want to do so with wet hair so it dries in place.

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