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Teen Makeup by Linda Mason

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Another great book full of easy to understand information written with teens of every nationality in mind. Very impressive!

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  • used regular teens as models
  • book is full of photos and sketches
  • instructions and suggestions extremely easy to follow
  • Can't think of one!


  • 144 pages
  • 200 color illustrations
  • contains an index

Guide Review - Teen Makeup by Linda Mason

Mason begins the book by featuring the basics. She covers topics such as caring for the skin from head to toe and then tackles the subject of what makeup tools a teen might need in the future. The next step is the correct application techniques and all are explained in detail. Once the basics are covered, the topic of choosing colors is addressed.

The remainder of the book offers a variety of looks for each of the twenty-eight girls. This is where the book gets really interesting. Mason decided against using professional models for the book and instead, chose her daughter and twenty-seven of her friends. This is especially effective, giving the reader the option of choosing any of the girls in the book and then following the instructions provided for each look.

As with other makeup books written by Linda Mason, the pages are full of photos and drawings making it a great teaching tool.

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