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*Shopping and the Clothes You Wear

Quick Tip

What Do You Mean?

It makes perfect sense, but women seldom wear the outfit to the mall that they are attempting to accessorize.

What does it matter?

Consider just how easy to would be to pick out shoes, a purse or a piece of jewelry, if you can see in an instant, how it will work with what you have on. On the other hand, picture for a moment how silly buying a pair of heels would be if you are in a pair of jeans and the dress is at home.

Tricks to make it easier

Take a trusted friend that will give advice that you can trust. It might be a best friend, or it might be your daughter. But choose carefully.

Take your time

This is not a project that can be rushed. If you find the item in the first 15 minutes, that is terrific. But chances are you will not. Have a nice lunch and catch up on the news. Make a day of it. From experience, the results will be much better.

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