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Skincare Myths Debunked


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Myth or Fact? Best Way to Spritz Perfume: Spray First, Then Walk Into the Mist
Skincare Myths Debunked
Jeffrey Hamilton // Getty Images
For years, I have sprayed perfume into the air, then walked through it, thinking this was the very best way to smell great without smelling like the perfume department at Nordstrom's on December 21.

This is way works well only if one is naked. Walking into the mist means you're usually coating your clothes with fragrance and not you; plus, the perfume can stain fabric and spraying the perfume into the air means you're missing a lot of it as it evaporates before it hits you. Since fragrance is formulated to work with the heat of your body, it's best to apply perfume to pulse points: wrists, back of the knees, the base of the throat and just behind the earlobes.

Extra tip: Don't rub wrists together, this can break down the molecular structure of perfume.

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