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Haircuts for Women in Their 50s


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Jamie Lee Curtis (1958)
Haircuts for Women in Their 50s

Jamie Lee Curtis

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After age 50, you are not doomed to a short haircut. There are many women in this gallery who choose to wear their hair long and some even wear their hair VERY long. While others, such as Jamie Lee Curtis (born November 22, 1958), choose edgy short haircuts that are anything but frumpy. Curtis has had short, pixie hair her entire career. She wears her hair short because it suits her, not because at age 50 she went to the salon and got her hair cut off, much like when I was growing up girls when they turned 13 went to the mall and get their ears pierced.

Curtis also chooses to let her gray hair go, which is a trendy choice among women these days. See my gallery of gorgeous Gray Hairstyles for more inspiration.

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