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Haircuts for Women in Their 50s


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Finola Hughes (1959)
Haircuts for Women in Their 50s

Finola Hughes

Jason Merritt for Getty
In this photo gallery, I feature a bunch of famous women in their 50s. You'll see their fabulous hairstyles, read why the hairstyles work for them and you'll quickly ascertain which of these cuts would work for you.

What I love most about this gallery is that these women all look way younger than their years. You know what they say about 40 being the new 20 and 50 being the new 30. If you see these women you'll know there's some truth to that.

Finola Hughes (born October 29, 1959) has a haircut that's flattering on all face shapes and hair textures. It's shoulder-length, has a few layers and is worn blown dried (and likely flat ironed) straight.

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