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17 Beauty "Flaws" People Complain About & How to Fix Them


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Should I Cover Up My Freckles?

Don't cover up those freckles

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I love this quote I saw in Glamour Magazine years ago: "Wearing foundation to cover up freckles. That's like camouflaging a cute butt."

Some women and girls with freckles try to cover them up with thick foundation. Don't! Try to embrace your freckles and learn to love them. Freckles make you unique and accepting them will make you more beautiful. After all, it's almost impossible to cover up freckles without achieving "cake face." (See How to Avoid Cake Face).

Instead of covering up your freckles, let them show through with a light foundation or tinted moisturizer to even out skin tone. You can use a bronzer to finish off your look.

How to change your attitude about your freckles:

The complaint: "I am so bored with these freckles, they've been with me forever."

The change in attitude: "Freckles set me apart from almost every other woman I know. People tell me they're adorable and I believe them. They are!"

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