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How to Give Yourself a Makeover

What to do if a friend suggests you need a new haircut or clothes


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A few years ago my boyfriend at the time took one look at the baggy pants I was wearing at brunch and suggested I go on the TV show "What Not to Wear." Around the same time, my best guy friend told me I needed a new hairstyle (see dated haircut in my picture on this site). He couldn't believe that a beauty editor only got her hair cut and colored 4 times a year.

The guys were right. I needed a makeover, stat.

What do you do if your friends suggest you get a haircut, new glasses or start wearing more color? You either get mad at them or you listen. I choose to listen because I trust my friends have my best interest in mind.

I now get my haircut more regularly and I never, ever leave the house without at least mascara. When I go to work now, I make sure I'm not just comfortable, but "fierce." People have noticed the change. Several have told me I've never looked better in my life. At 37, I take that as a compliment.

As I told a acquaintance recently who was looking for a makeover and a boyfriend, "Honey, you've got to rock the sidewalk. Every day."

Here's how to make yourself over:

  • Browse photo galleries for a new, more flattering hairstyle.
  • Go to the salon and get a dramatic new hairstyle and color.
  • Head to a department store makeup counter and ask for a makeover. Pay close attention and ask a bezillion questions. Then buy a couple items. Get the rest at a drugstore if cost is an issue.
  • Take a friend shopping to help you pick out clothes to go with your new hairstyle and makeup.
  • If you wear glasses, take a friend frame-shopping and invest in new stylish frames.
  • Have a stylish friend sit on your couch as you model everything from your closet. Direct them to say "yay" or "nay" and suggest ways to perk up your more boring items. Ply them with drinks or food if necessary. Donate the "nays" to charity.

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