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Loofahs -- Are They Good for You?

Find out if you should throw out your shower loofah



Find out if you throw out your loofah

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Ok, so that's the question. And the answer from the experts is mixed. Once a loofah is used it becomes loaded with bacteria buildup, says New York City-based makeup artist, Keiko Takagi in Elle Magazine. Others claim as long as you regularly clean your shower exfoliators in the washing machine or the dishwasher once a week you should be good to go. Loofahs don't hold up well in a washing machine, but you could keep them clean via the dishwasher.

Opt instead for a mesh shower sponge, which can last a long time as long as you wash it once a week. (I suggest throwing it in the washing machine when you wash your sheets once a week). The same goes for my preferred shower exfoliator: The gloves. Throw them in the washer or dishwasher once a week and you don't have to worry about bacteria.

Not a fan of those mesh sponges (I'm not) opt instead for one of those huge brushes meant for use OUTSIDE of the shower. Use it to give your body a great 'dry scrub.' This way you don't compete with the shower stream & your brush stays bacteria-free.

Another secret of the trade, courtesy of Takagi: Take shorter showers. "If you do like to linger, coat your body in oil before you get in to avoid stripping your natural moisture."

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