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Help! I'm Only 24 & I Have Hair on My Face


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Question: Help! I'm Only 24 & I Have Hair on My Face
Someone posted this question recently on the beauty forum:

I'm 24 and I've noticed that I'm growing some hair on the sides of my face and under chin. I've done everything from waxing at home kits, to even shaving it. I dont know what to do anymore! I'm so embarrassed about it that I don't even talk to my mother about it.

Here is how I answered her...
As we age, it's very normal for women to develop thicker hair on the face & chin. And if you want someone to blame, blame your parents, how much hair you have on your body is largely genetic. If your hair is dark, you might consider lightening the hair rather than removing. There are several products you'll find at your local drugstore. However, if you want to remove hair, here are your options (note that shaving is not one of them, do NOT shave your facial hairs or they will feel thicker growing in):

1. At-home waxing, which you tried, but didn't like. You might consider the non-waxing strips, which I hear work great.

2. Hair removal lotions. These don't have the long-term effects of waxing (which yanks hair at the root). Instead, hair is removed at the surface, but the pain is minimal.

3. Waxing in a salon. This costs more, but you might find better results. The downside to waxing is you have to let hair grow out to wax again. The good news is the more you wax, the fewer hairs grow in.

4. Permanent hair removal. Electrolosis will remove hair permanently. But it's pricey (about $60 a session and you may need 20 sessions or more!). This route is the most permanent. Make sure you go to licensed electrologist. And don't fall for any discounts.

Again, don't shave the hair on your face. While it won't grow in thicker, it will feel as if it grew in thicker. Why? Virgin, never shaved hairs have fine, soft ends. Shaved ends are coarser. This is why the hair that grows back after you wax seems to be 'softer'.

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