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Michelle Williams Hairstyles


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Michelle Williams' Beauty Transformation
Getty Images

When it comes to beauty, actress Michelle Williams is known for her super cute pixie hairstyle (shown here in the middle picture). She kept it short for several years before growing it out.

In this gallery, I feature Williams's beauty transformation and some of her best hairstyles over the years.

She made her debut in the movie, Lassie, then went on to star in Dawson's Creek. After that, she was in several indie movies before landing the big screen role in Brokeback Mountain, where she met her future husband, Heath Ledger.

But what she became really known for was her major chop back in 2007, when she debuted a pixie hairstyle. She told Elle UK magazine why she cut it and how she felt about wearing short hair:

"I've really grown into it -- I feel like myself with short hair. And it's been a really long time since I had long hair, five years. Of course, the only people who like it are gay men and my girlfriends. Straight men across the board are not into this hair! I cut it for the one straight man who has ever liked short hair and I wear it in memorial of somebody who really loved it."

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