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Bob Hairstyles: The 20 Hottest Bobs for 2014


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Rachael Taylor's Long Sideswept Bangs Paired With Bob
The classic bob haircut

Rachael Taylor

Frazer Harrison // Getty Images
I love this look on Aussie actress and model Rachael Taylor. To keep this look, you'll have to get regular bang trims -- or learn to cut your own. Find out how to cut your bangs in this how-to.

This is what Taylor had to say to the New York Times about her beauty transformation on the set of her TV show “666 Park Avenue”:

"The biggest transformation required is my hair. I have a razored, chin-length bob in real life, and our hairstylist on the show takes my hair to long blond waves in about 40 minutes. That’s about five pounds of fake hair on my head daily. Of course everybody I know suggests a simple solution — 'Um, grow your hair out dude!' But I can’t, I feel sexiest when my hair is short."

Love short hair? Check out my list of The 5 Hottest Short Hair Trends. Of course the bob made the list.

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