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How Can I Cover My Gray Hair?


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How Can I Cover My Gray Hair?
How Can I Cover My Gray Hair?

Kate Middleton

Max Mumby/Indigo for Getty

Covering up gray hair is a special science. Gray hair is difficult to color because it tends to be wiry and the dye doesn't soak in easily. Even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has gray roots that grow in and need covering up every few weeks. You can see them here in this picture when she was a couple months pregnant with her daughter and was taking a break from dyeing her roots.

In this slideshow, I share how to color your grays, how to fix those roots and what to do if you discover you're going gray. Here are you top gray hair burning questions answered.

First Up: Will My Hair Still Be Healthy if I Color It?

People who have never colored their hair worry that coloring it will be damaging to their hair. If you're worried about hair damage, I recommend getting your hair professionally colored rather than attempting to do it yourself with a box color.

Drugstore brand semi-permanent colors can be stronger than those used in salons. 

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