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Prom Makeup 2016: 20 Gorgeous Trends to Watch (or Mimic)


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Cara Buono
Prom Makeup 2016: 20 Gorgeous Trends to Watch (or Mimic)

Cara Buono

Frazer Harrison//Getty

Deciding your prom or homecoming makeup can be tricky. Do you find the dress first? Decide on the hairstyle next? And what's the most flattering trend on you?

It's important to choose your makeup and hairstyle AFTER you choose the dress. You want to make sure your hair and makeup complements the dress and vice versa. I always recommend trying on the dress and then playing with your hair in the mirror with a friend or family member helping you decide what would look best: An updo? Wearing hair down? A bouffant? A braid?

When it comes to makeup, a good rule of thumb to follow is to either play up the eyes or the mouth. Then take your cues from your dress. Would smokey eyes look best or should you go for a really bright pink lipstick?

Prom Makeup Dos & Don'ts

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