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Holiday Hair 2014

My favorite holiday hairstyles, updos and much more


Unless you are someone who loves to play around with her hair and is very good at it, I'm a big advocate for making an appointment at your hair salon and getting a professional blow-out for a holiday or New Year's party. Why? Trying to mimic a look you're after at home is a pain in the butt. For me, hiring someone who can see the back of my head is worth the $50 the typical blow-out costs.

These hairstyles should inspire you to pick the perfect look for your holiday party.

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15 Best Holiday Hairstyles for 2014

Gwen Stefani's holiday hair
Jason Merritt for Getty
In this gallery, I rundown this year's 15 hottest hairstyles for the holidays. From big, bouncy waves, to casual updos and ponytails, I've got the looks to inspire you to stand out this holiday season.


Try an Updo: From Casual to Formal

Frazer Harrison // Getty
Updos for holiday parties are a great way to show off a gorgeous neckline or an amazing pair of earrings. This holiday hair gallery features all sorts of updos. From messy 'dos, to formal upsweeps to hair accessorized with headbands and barrettes, you'll find your ideal holiday hair style.

Wear it Down

Neilson Barnard // Getty Images
If you have great hair, why hide it in an updo for your holiday party? Instead, change up your look. If you have straight hair, curl it for the party. If you let your wavy hair dry naturally usually for the office, try flat ironing it for the party.

Even women with short hair can dress up their looks. Find out how in this gallery. Maybe this year you'll be inspired to wear your hair down.

Pinned-Back Styles

Jason Merritt // Getty Images
Pinned back styles are super cool for parties. You can do braids, a ponytail, a jewelled barrette and so much more. Get inspired with this gallery.

Short Hairstyles

Chris Jackson // Getty Images
If you have short hair, there are many options to dress up for the holidays. Try a statement necklace or earrings. Pearls are gorgeous, jeweled barrettes, too. Either do up your lips or your eyes, never both. Get inspired with these 15 short holiday hairstyles.

Wear it Long and Wavy

Kevin Winter // Getty Images
Just adding curl to otherwise boring hair can glam up the holidays. If you have long hair, all you need is a curling iron to get most of these looks. Wrapping hair around the barrel of a curling iron also works on curly hair, it sort of tames it. Get inspired by these 15 long, wavy hairstyles.

Fake a Bob

Photo by Carlo Allegri/Getty Images)

Consider pinning up your hair into a fake bob for Homecoming this year. This casual look is super cool, just make sure to keep a few tendrils and consider curling your hair first. These styles look best when hair is curled.

See gorgeous photos of fake bobs

Super Formal Hairstyles for Black Tie Affairs

Photo by MJ Kim/Getty Images
If you have to go all out for a formal occasion, consider these gorgeous formal hairstyles.

Remember to pair your fabulous hairstyle with gorgeous makeup. Play up either the eyes or the mouth, but never both. Either do a ruby red lipstick and simple eye makeup or opt for a smokey eye with a light lip. Go all out with a statement necklace or earrings.

My Favorite Casual Updos

Michael Buckner
Few holiday parties require a trip to the salon. You don't want to look like you're showing up at your wedding when choosing a perfect holiday hairstyle. These casual, but super sexy, updos are perfect holiday hair. Check out these individual options:
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