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Most Popular Prom Hairstyles


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Most Popular Prom Hairstyles: Half-up/Half-down
Most Popular Prom Hairstyles

Dianna Agron Prom Hairstyles

Alberto E. Rodriguez for Getty

Pinned-back hair is especially popular for prom this year because you can have both the drama of the updo in a barrette or a headband or an exposed neckline or shoulder, yet you still show off the length of your hair (and we all know guys like to see hair down). To get this look you can add extensions for extra length, curl hair around the barrel of a curling iron or with hot rollers and then clip the sides of hair in the back.

Variations on this look include:

  • Twisting the sides and clipping them in the back.
  • Pinning hair back with a jeweled hair clip (I love the idea of taking a vintage or antique pin and attaching it to a hair clip so it stays in hair).
  • Clipping back only one side.
  • Pinning fresh flowers to one side of the pinned back section.

See a photo gallery of Pinned-Back Prom Hairstyles for more ideas.

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