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Shoulder-Length Hairstyle Pictures


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Yes, This is the Most Flattering Length on Everyone

January Jones

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There is one particular hairstyle length that's flattering on everyone, no matter their face shape. It's shoulder-length hair. The perfect medium length that everyone seems to be getting these days.

Find out why the editors of Allure Magazine dubbed this length the most flattering hair length on everyone in my article, The Perfect Haircut.

So why does this length work? Here are the top 5 reasons:

  1. It's flattering on all face shapes from round to long and thin to square and heart-shaped.
  2. It works with all hair textures. Typically curly hair needs to be worn longer than the chin and fine hair can fall flat if too long. To the shoulders is the perfect compromise.
  3. Yes, we've all heard that men prefer long hair than short. But long hair doesn't work on everyone. It makes women with fine hair and long faces appear horse-y. So again, the medium cut is the perfect compromise.
  4. It requires very little styling. You can wash and go and it dries faster than it would if it were long, but doesn't require the styling tools that a short cut may need.
  5. It's low-maintenance. Short hair is very high maintenance. You have to get cuts ever 4-6 weeks if you have a short style. And long hair can quickly grow too long, making you appear a bit dated, like you belong at Woodstock. Shoulder length cuts buys you time between cuts.

It seems the celebrities are listening because more and more are cutting off their long locks and going with this swingy-yet-sexy collarbone grazing length.

For more tips on what hairstyles work best for different face shapes, check out Most Flattering Haircuts for Every Face Shape.

This is Gallery 2. See my other galleries of shoulder-length hairstyles:

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