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36 Reasons to Cut Your Long Hair Medium Length


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No matter your hair color or hair texture, this length will work on you
36 Reasons to Cut Your Long Hair Medium Length

Gillian Jacobs


I present to you 36 reasons to cut your long hair off into a more manageable medium length.

Many of us have been there: we have hair that's grown so long, it hangs limply like a withered balloon a day after the party. It needs to be cut, if only to freshen up the dead ends. You kinda, sorta flirt with the idea of cutting it all off. But that scares you because what if you hate how you look in a pixie? No one wants to look at themselves in a mirror for a year while their hair slowly grows out. 

To you, I say, go medium-length. It is, after all, the most flattering length on virtually everyone. Start there and maybe on your next cut you can take it up to the chin or even the ear. Or you can add bangs or a fun new color.

There has never been a better time to cut off your hair and try something new. Everyone in Hollywood, it seems is doing it or has done it and is on to the next trend.

Here I feature 40 of the best reasons to go shorter, at least to shoulder-length.

Let's start with the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, who cut off a few inches from her trademark long hair in mid-December, 2015.

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