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Long Bob Hairstyles


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Brooklyn Decker's Long Bob Hairstyle
Long Bob Hairstyles

Brooklyn Decker

Eugene Gologursky // Getty Images
Brooklyn Decker's sophisticated long bob is a terribly sexy version of the bob. She parts the hair just off to the side and the cut is at an angle -- a tad shorter in back than in front. Her naturally thick hair has been thinned out most likely with a razor and the ends are wispy thanks to a razor, too. Her hair is flat-ironed to sleek perfection.

What you need for this look:

  • A large, rounded brush (don't curl the ends too far under, lest you end up looking like an 80's throwback).
  • A decent flat iron.
  • A gloss spray for after you iron. Bumble and Bumble discontinued their Gloss (why? why?), but their Shine spray gets high marks in the industry.

Find out which bobs work best on various face shapes. You might be surprised.

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