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Long Bob Hairstyles


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The Long Bob Trend is Here to Stay
Long Bob Hairstyles

Michele Placido; Violante Placido

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A big trend in hair is the long bob, not long hair, not short hair, but cut somewhat blunt and just above the shoulders. Here are the rules of getting this coveted hairstyle:

1. Longer bobs can be bland if too blunt. Stacked layers in the back add dimension.

2. A bob can't be too layered, or it's not a bob. You will get a more edgy look if you ask the stylist to thin out the ends with scissors or a razor.

3. Ask the stylist to make your bob a touch shorter in the back.

4. This cut works on straight and wavy hair. It's a versatile cut because you can wear it wavy or flat-ironed. I love this haircut with a bit of wave to it and when I have my hair cut into a long bob, I wear it wavy a lot. I'll talk about how to get the perfect wave later in this gallery.

Find out which bobs work best on various face shapes. You might be surprised.

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