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Hair Mask Recipes for Damaged Hair


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These DIY Recipes Will Strengthen Damaged or Weakened Hair
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Kerastase makes a phenomenal hair mask for damaged hair, but it's $53. Why spend that money on one mask, when you can make your own hair mask using basic ingredients that are good enough to eat.

The recipes below are great for soothing and repairing cuticles damaged from hair coloring, hair straightening, hair tools such as flat-irons or curling irons or chlorine and salt water. These masks work on all hair types including coarse, frizzy, dry, oily, fine and wavy hair. What I love most about them are the ingredients, which are so yummy you'll want to eat them while you wait for the mask to take effect.

Apply once or twice a week. For best results, let the masks sit for at least 15 minutes under a shower cap.

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