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2013 Nail Trends: 14 Hot Looks


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Shatter Nail Polish
2013 Nail Trends: 14 Hot Looks

OPI Katy Perry Nail Polish collection

Photo courtesy of OPI
My 15-year-old friend Rosemary introduced me to shatter nail polish when she stayed with me for a week this summer. Rosemary, a huge nail polish aficionado, has tried many nail polish trends and is really into the edgy and super trendy shatter shades by OPI, which are about $8.50 a bottle.

The trend is inspired by graffiti art and works by applying the special shatter shade over a dried bright-colored lacquer polish. The shatter shade dries into a matte cracked pattern (see picture for example using Katy Perry's Black Shatter™ formula by OPI). Finish the mani with a topcoat.

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