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2013 Nail Trends: 14 Hot Looks


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Magnetic Nail Polish
2013 Nail Trends: 14 Hot Looks

Green LCN Magnetic Nail Polish

Photos from the blog Vampy Varnish
Perhaps the newest trend to hit the nail polish market, magnetic nail polish allows you to use a magnet to create ripple effects on your nails. "Huh?" you may ask. Here's how it works, you apply the metallic shade to a nail. Because the polish contains iron powder, a cool effect is created when you move a magnet over the wet polish.

You can currently purchase magnetic polish from LCN, which sells 8 shades at under $10 each. You have to purchase the magnets separately for about $20. You can get a star or a diagonal line.

The UK-based Nails Inc. company will release a new polish in October named Magnetic Attraction. The colors come in 3 shades -- gray, gold and purple -- and the magnet embedded in the cap allows you to create cool ripple effects.

You can see more photos on the Vampy Varnish blog.

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