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2013 Nail Trends: 14 Hot Looks


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Lace Nails
2013 Nail Trends: 14 Hot Looks

Lace manicure

Photo courtesy of All Lacquered Up
If you can attach snakeskin, jewels and pieces of who-knows-what to the nail, why not lace? According to the blog Guest of a Guest, lace was big on the runway and has made the transition to nails. The blog details how to do your own lace nails, courtesy of Elle, a celebrity manicurist with Barielle:

  1. Start with a clean nail and brush on Gel Resin
  2. Pick a thin Parisian pierce of lace and attach
  3. Spray with Glue Dry
  4. Cut and shape using an embroidery scissor
  5. Re-Resin
  6. to Remove: soak nails in acetone

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