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2013 Nail Trends: 14 Hot Looks


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2013 Nail Trends: 14 Hot Looks

Alexa Vega

Jason Merritt // Getty Images
Rhinestone nails are hot, hot, hot right now and it's one of those nail trends that done right could look really cool and done not so well can look really tacky.

You have a few options for getting rhinestoned, according to the Girls in the Beauty Department

  1. Do-it-yourself: After you paint your nails a fabulous color, use tweezers to place rhinestones first in a heavy-duty nail glue and then on nails. Paint over this a fast-drying topcoat.
  2. You can purchase stick-on nails with rhinestones. To remove, you need to soak nails in polish remover.
  3. Have your nails done professionally in a salon using Cal Gel nails with rhinestones embedded in the nails.
You can buy your rhinestones online. I like the Nail Art Rhinestone Wheel, which is super affordable.

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