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Best Winter Nail Polish for 2011


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Barielle's Wool You Marry Me?
Best Winter Nail Polish for 2011

Barielle's Wool You Marry Me?

Part of Barielle's 'Style in Argyle' Autumn collection, Wool You Marry Me is a "plum brown creme," according to Barielle. I've seen lots of pictures of this on bloggers' fingers and toes and I think this is more a plum or burgundy than brown. It's a great alternative to the grays and browns that are so trendy this season.

Blogger Amy Antoinette describes Wool You Marry Me as "a glossy, rich burgundy with hints of brown depending on the light," while blogger Really Ree calls it "a gorgeous colour, very chic and glamorous and I love the look it creates on my short nails."

To see more pictures check out Really Ree's blog.

Buy it online.

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