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Best Winter Nail Polish for 2011


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Hottest Nail Polish Trends for Winter 2011
Best Winter Nail Polish for 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge Tudor Collection: Catherine H

If you're wondering what nail polish colors will look fresh for winter 2011, check out this list I created based on the Web's hottest nail polish blogs. Nail polish bloggers stay on top of polish trends more than a generic beauty editor (me!) could.

This round-up of nail polish colors may surprise you. Purples, grays and burgundies are big this winter, but so are shimmers and sparkles, which look best on short, rounded nails and look even better on the toes. Greige (gray beiges) remain popular.

Named for Catherine Howard, one of Henry VIII's wives who lost her head, this shimmering Wedgewood blue nail color is my favorite of this batch. According to Rescue Beauty Lounge, it has a hint of a gold- and pink-flecked darkening sky and looks different in different lighting situations (and in the bottle). This is one of many shades in RBL's Tudor Collection. (I also like Anne and the other Catherine).

Vogue named this color one of the best for fall 2010.

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