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Splurge or Save? Skincare, Makeup & Haircare Products


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Splurge or Save: Lipstick & Lip Glosses
Splurge or Save? Skincare, Makeup & Haircare Products

CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Lip Color, a perfect price for a lip color

Save on lipstick and lip glosses.

Let's talk lip glosses first, because the gloss trend continues.

The fact is, lip glosses rarely last, so why spend big bucks on them? Both Revlon and L'Oreal make a great basic lip gloss. That said, you'll find much better color ranges and a less stickiness if you splurge on Nars or Chanel gloss, the beauty editor's favorite.

As for lipsticks, the formulations in Chanel, M.A.C., Vincent Longo, Dior and Giorgio Armani can't be beat, but you can find a great long-wearing lipstick in your local drugstore.

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