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Best Beauty Products on the Market: Our Fall 2006 List


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Best Primer and Tinted Moisturizer: Laura Mercier
Best Beauty Products on the Market: Our Fall 2006 List

Our favorite tinted moisturizer

Photo courtesy Laura Mercier
Primers have become popular over the last couple years for their amazing ability to serve as a base for the rest of your makeup: They prep the face for foundation, they keep eye shadow in place and lipstick as well. I've tried many foundations and primers and I'm currently obsessed with Laura Mercier's oil-free foundation primer, which serves as the perfect base for her tinted moisturizer (extra bonus: It's SPF 20!). Check out prices on the primer:
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Now that I've discovered the primer, I'm not sure I'll be going back to my original favorite tinted moisturizer (Bobbi Brown) anytime soon.

Extra makeup tip: Apply a bronzer with a big brush on all the spots the sun naturally hits (forehead, cheeks, nose). Then over the bronzer dot in a creamy blush. Bronzer without a blush can seem too brown and blah. The blush gives your bronzed skin a rosy pop. Gorgeous....

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