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How to Remove Your Makeup

Pro Tips From the Beauty Experts



How to properly remove your makeup

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To properly remove makeup, all you need is a proper facial cleanser and eye makeup remover. The goal is not to rub your face raw and don't forget to wash into the hairline and jawline, especially if you use foundation. Here are some answers to your biggest burning questions.

Must I Wash My Face Before I Go to Bed?

Yes -- especially if you have makeup on your face. If you want to wake up with dewy, glowing skin, then you must remove your makeup and sunscreen.

Are you cleansing your face correclty? Find out in How to Wash Your Face Properly.

Do I Need Toner?

Many women use toner because they feel it removes all traces of dirt, oil and makeup, however, most beauty experts agree that toners are unnecessary (see "Is Toner Necessary?"). Most cleansers these days do a great job of removing all the muck from even the heaviest of your makeup days. While toner will strip your skin of any makeup, it also removes natural oils, which can be drying. Unless you have super oily skin or just happen to love a product, skip the toner.

Can I Use Baby Wipes to Remove Makeup?

No, no, no, says beauty expert Laura Mercier in Allure Magazine. "I cringe when I see women using baby wipes to remove their makeup. Those do not get the job done."

Women think baby wipes are formulated to be gentle on baby's skin, so therefore it will be gentle on facial skin, Mercier says. Her response to women who think baby wipes are gentle? "Well, a baby's butt isn't covered in makeup that requires special ingredients for proper removal."

'Nuff said.

I Have Super Dry Skin, How Do I Remove Makeup Without Drying It Out More?

Choose your cleanser based on your skin type. If you have super dry skin, consider a cleansing oil. Mercier suggests applying oil on a cotton pad and then swiping the oil across lids, lips, face and brows. Massaging in the oil loosens dirt and makeup. Wash skin with a foaming or gel cleanser, and wash off the cleanser with a warm washcloth, which works to exfoliate skin. Follow with a moisturizer applied to still damp skin.

Help! I Have Acne

If you have acne, your best bet is to wash face with a Salicylic Cleanser. If you have oily skin, consider a foaming cleanser.

What's the Best Way to Remove Waterproof Mascara?

I have used Vaseline all my life to remove eye makeup and I've never had a problem, but the best way to remove all mascaras is to use eye makeup remover (my hands down favorite is made by Clinique). Apply remover to a square cotton pad, then press down on eyelids and lashes to let it soak in. Gently wipe the pad across eyes to pick up mascara. Go over the eye area with a clean pad until it's makeup-free. (This keeps your towels from getting makeup on them).

Extra tip: Eye makeup remover works great on lips to remove long-lasting lip color, as well.

Should I Wash My Face Again in the Morning?

Your face doesn't get dirty from sleeping on a clean pillowcase, so there's really no need to wash again in the morning. In fact, too much cleansing can dry out skin. If you wake up with an oily sheen, however, splash a bit of warm water on your face to dissolve the oils. You can also press a warm washcloth to face.
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How to Remove Makeup

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