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A Lip Plumper That Really Works


A Lip Plumper That Really Works

Freeze 24/7 Lip Plumper, perhaps the best lip plumper on the market

I am obsessed with C.O. Bigelow, Manhattan's premiere beauty drugstore. It's here that I stock up on self-tanner (always Clarins) & get hot new product tips from the salespeople (so much less pretentious & annoying than the beauty hounds found at Bendel's & Saks). Going to Bigelow's is like going to your favorite neighborhood gourmet grocer. It's small, it's comforting & they haven't fancied it up so you feel you have to don couture just to try a new hand cream.

On a recent trip to Bigelows, we asked, as we always do, about the latest & hottest new items on the shelves. Immediately the saleperson pulled out what looked like lip gloss & launched into a raving soliloquy on the utter fabulousness of this lip....plumper (was she eyeing my slits of lips or what? They are skinny, but I like to think they're rather Demi Moorelike).

This, we learned, was Bigelow's coolest New Thing:'Freeze' lip plumper.

Hmmmm, I thought. Great sales pitch. I'm not buying. But I'm always into trying. We'd read some lip plumpers do actually work, but true skeptics, we didn't believe it. And then I put on Freeze. My lips tingled, the salesgirl's eyes got big, "I can see the results already!" she said (sales hawkers always say this, I told myself), but then we looked in the mirror...

Now I am a skeptic through & through. But when I witness a product do exactly what it's touted to do (like Dr. Brandt's Pores No More, perhaps the most amazing dermatological invention since Retin-A, I am transported immediately to Beauty Editor Heaven & all I want to do is run home to my computer & tell you all about the latest miracle cream/lip plumper).

So back to Freeze lip plumper. I'm not sure if it was the vaguely medicinal taste (not a bad thing) or the tingly feeling it gave me, but when I looked in the mirror it did appear as if my lips had plumped up like a down pillow pounded on by a housekeeper. My lips had puffed up, not blowfish-like & not to Angelina Jolie proportions but enough so that my skinny lips were no longer pencil-mustache thin, but more ... <em>bee stung</em>.

Ahhh, the look so many women covet & right there in a lip gloss container. We left without buying, but I couldn't get the plumper out of my head. And then a couple days later the skeptics (just like me!) at the New York Times Style section ran a huge article touting the amazing affects of Freeze 24/7 products. I rushed right back to Bigelow, tried on the various colors & bought the pink version. It's now in my purse jingling among my MAC lipsticks (my all-time favorite) and I swear I had to think twice before buying the darker color. With a light pink, I can wear my MAC matte under my gloss, the saleswomen told me. Sold!

Where to buy: You can get Freeze Lip Plumper at Nordstrom, Saks, Bloomingdales, some Victoria's Secrets or buy it online here. Read more about Freeze 24/7 products including the many anti-aging products the press is going crazy over.

Recap: The other day I told my friend, Dania, about Freeze lip gloss. I told her to watch as my lips magically plumped before her eyes. I applied the gloss. She watched my lips.

After I smacked my lips together, I said, "Pretty cool, huh?" (Secretly I was worried the plump was all in my head).

"Ughhh, yeah. Huh. Lip plumper," Dania said staring at my lips, 'SKEPTIC' written all over her face.

"Well, wait a sec, I think it takes time to plump," I said (secretly worried I'd bought a bogus product & I'd told all my readers about it, too).

"Yeah, they're plumper," Dania said, obviously trying to not make me feel bad. And then as an afterthought she admitted, "No, they're not plumper."

The truth was, I'd been applying the stuff but not looking in the mirror. Perhaps Freeze made my lips FEEL plump, but didn't actually MAKE them plumper.

"They're not," I said, resigned.

"They're not," Dania said, clearly ready to switch the subject.

A couple minutes later, Dania looked at my lips & said, "Oh wow, it does work. Your lips are plumper."

And that was that. But I will say this time she had 'BELIEVER' written all over her face.

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