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Must for Your Purse -- Oil-Blotting Sheets


Must for Your Purse -- Oil-Blotting Sheets

Oil-blotting sheets are a must for your purse


I have an oily t-zone and within 10 minutes of eating anything remotely fried my forehead becomes slick and shiny. While I've been known to dab my forehead with paper napkins (very satisfying in a vaguely unsettling way), the much more sophisticated approach is to use blotting sheets.

Not only do they magically soak up facial oils while leaving your makeup (foundation, powder) intact, they are a much smarter option than paper napkins and powdering your forehead every hour (which leaves you looking like a mime as the day wears on, I think).

I'm partial to Clinique's sheets, but I hear great things about Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets.

Check out this full list to find blotting sheets in your price range.

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