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6 Beauty Secrets I Swear By


6 Beauty Secrets I Swear By

In the summer of 2006, I was interviewed for Stillagirl, a Website for women and girls, on my most popular beauty tips and tricks. Here's the interview:

1. What is your number one secret beauty tip?

My favorite beauty tip is one I use every day (actually every night): Vaseline. I use it to remove my eye makeup. It's cheaper than over-the-market products, doesn't bother my eyes and I read it can actually help protect the delicate skin around your eyes. Then in winter Vaseline provides the perfect cure for chapped lips: Simply slather it on, then massage lips for a few minutes with an old toothbrush. Continue twice a day until lips are silky and smooth.

2. What is the easiest way to make up your eyes, without spending a fortune or hours in front of a mirror?

Here's a quick (and inexpensive) 4-step routine to use if you don't have much time:

Step 1: Dot concealer on lids. This hides unsightly veins.

Step 2: Sweep a neutral shade like taupe (which I find compliments every skin tone) over eyelids. Add a bit of shimmer if it's nighttime.

Step 3: Skip the cheap pencil liners and use an eyeliner brush and a dark eyeshadow for eyeliner. Wet the brush first for a more dramatic line. Apply line along the top and bottom lashes, making sure to get color in between lashes (you want the line to look as natural as possible). Don't line inside rim of eyes -- it makes eyes appear smaller. Smudge bottom lash so line isn't obvious.

Step 4: Mascara can make anyone's eyes look bigger and brighter. If you have short or straight eyelashes, curl them first before applying mascara.

3. Are there any little-known hair tips that our readers should know for bad hair days?

Absolutely! My favorite trick for medium-to-long hair is the messy bun. Not only do buns look sophisticated and hip, they hide bad ends and awkwark cowlicks. Plus, the messier, the sexier! I also love the bandana look, which is totally in right now. As long as you have makeup on, you won't look as if you're meant to be working on a farm. Plus, the bandana look is cute on hair of all lengths.

4. What is the one skin care or makeup product that every woman should have in her purse?

Lipstick or gloss. Provided a woman has great skin, all she really needs is mascara (which you only have to apply once in the morning, so no need to carry it your purse) and lipstick or gloss to look put together.

5. What is the best way to deal with the occasional blemish?
Camouflage it with concealer. But make sure to dot the concealer on with the pad of your middle finger. You never want to rub concealer in like you would sunscreen or foundation.

6. What is the most surprising beauty secret you have discovered over the years?

There are two. The first is that the less makeup a woman wears, the younger she looks. The second is how a good skincare routine can take years off your face. By skincare, I mean wearing sunscreen daily then using antioxidants, peels and scrubs to buy back lost time and fix damaged skin. I thought all those skincare products were a bunch of mumbo jumbo until I tried them. Now my routine is 50 percent skincare, 50% makeup application.

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