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Fall's Hottest Beauty Trends


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Fall's Hottest Beauty Trends -- Cat Eyes
Fall's Hottest Beauty Trends

Angelina Jolie sports "cat eyes"

Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images
The New York Times recently had an article in the Style Section making fun of fall beauty trends, which are always pretty similar every year: out goes the bronzed skin and the beachy waves, in comes the pale skin, the dark lips and the sleek hair. But this year has some surprises in store. Here are nine of this season's hottest beauty trends, some we love more than others (wait 'til you see Sienna's brows).

Here, Angelina Jolie sports the "cat eye," a hot trend for fall that was all over the Emmys red carpet this year. Get this look with brown or black liquid eyeliner, making sure to make the line just a bit outside the eye with a little curve up.

Find out how to apply the perfect "cat eye" in this eyeliner article.

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