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Most Flattering Glasses for You


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Ruby Rose's Super Cool Frames
Most Flattering Glasses for You

Australian model and MTV VJ Ruby Rose

Ryan Pierse // Getty Images
Ruby Rose has a heart-shaped face and these oversize frames look adorable on her. They are statement frames, which means you likely would want to wear them on special occasions rather than daily.

If choosing oversize frames for yourself, keep in mind the Number One rule for eyeglasses: Pick a frame that works in proportion to your face. Oversize frames such as these are stylish, but they should never be so high up you can see the brow. They should hit at the brow or below, according to eyeglass connoisseur Robert Marc in Charla Krupp's bestselling book, "How Not to Look Old."

Why I love this style:

What is love most about signature frames are that they are statement pieces. Wear a pair of strong, artistic frames and you need no jewelry. Wear a full load of jewelry and these glasses and you risk appearing gawdy.

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